Online meetings without last minute stress and worries

You may recognize it. There is an important meeting that should not go wrong, but there are all kinds of last minute difficulties with the technology or settings of the program that work against it. Or maybe you organize a meeting yourself and you want to concentrate completely on the content instead of the technology around it. Then you want someone who can watch and take care of the technical matters. That person is me.

Zoom, Teams, webinars etc. everything that is technical and ‘exciting’ is taken care of

Since the home working era started in 2020 and everyone had to inform each other remotely, I have helped entrepreneurs and larger companies organize online meetings. For example, consider the following:

  • Dry runs : First test everything with the speakers who log in so that they know how everything works and whether the microphone/camera is good enough.
  • Directing during the session : During the online meeting I will be there to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We log in half an hour in advance to get everything aligned. When the session starts, I’m ready for all technical matters. This means that I can, for example, put people on ‘silent’ as soon as there is background noise, but also put people in the spotlight, turn on the microphone of someone who raises their virtual hand, arrange the breakout rooms, play music can put, start a poll and then show the results etc. Everything that is technical and ‘exciting’ is up to me.
  • Advice for equipment : What is the best thing to buy to get the best possible image and to be understood as well as possible.
  • Links for the meetings : There may be a wish that the full direction lies with me, so that I already create the meetings in Zoom or Teams and then share them. In this way, visitors can easily attend the online session and there are no last minute IT issues that disrupt the meeting.
  • Recording : The session is automatically recorded and will be shared afterwards for archiving or publishing for online purposes.

You don’t want to see this before you start a session

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The rates for technical assistance start at 200 euros for an hour and short dry runs with the speaker can always be added for €25 (a test for all functions and quality check usually takes 15 to 20 minutes). Below are the prices with associated services:

  • Meeting of one hour costs €200 excl. VAT (incl. a link in advance, direction and recording).
  • Meeting of 2 hours costs €275 excl. VAT (incl. a link in advance, direction and recording).
  • Meeting of 3 hours costs €350 excl. VAT (incl. a link in advance, direction and recording).