Why would you actually start with webinars? Webinars are a very good way to show your service or product to the outside world or to profile yourself as an entrepreneur with your expertise. You can use webinars as an acquisition tool or perhaps as a retention tool to continue serving your customers with new knowledge.

So you can use webinars to:

  • Profile yourself or your company with your service, product or expertise.
  • You show yourself on platforms where your customers are by announcing your webinar.
  • You create a dialogue with your target group/potential customers, because a webinar is, after all, an interactive moment and a two-way street.
  • You can offer your target group/potential customers something concrete of value (knowledge, but perhaps also e-books, brainstorming sessions, etc.)
  • It is low-threshold for the user to attend. Nowadays all webinar platforms are very easy to reach without downloading anything or allowing crazy things in the browser.
  • You build a database. You can collect the people who register for your webinar in a database to report later about something you offer or simply to share tips from your expertise.

Do you want to brainstorm about this because you want to start with webinars? Then get in touch.


Before this we talked about why you could use a webinar. But now it’s mainly about how you present yourself professionally. Webinars have undergone major development since 2020 and entrepreneurs (large and small) had to switch to remote knowledge sharing. That raised a lot of (technical) questions. Which platform should I use? How long should a webinar last? What day and time does this work best? What do I do with the interaction and chat? How do I distinguish myself from other providers? What should my presentation look like? There is not one answer because there are many variables. It is always important, for example, to keep the interaction high and to have your equipment in order. What equipment do you need?

  • A webcam
  • A separate microphone
  • A lamp for extra lighting

Curious what suits you best? Then get in touch. You can be ready to set up good webinars for 300 euros!

Next level webinars with green screen

Do you want to stand out and organize really next level webinars with a green screen? Then you need more than just a webcam, microphone and lighting. Of course you need a green screen that suits your space, but extra lamps are also very important. You won’t get there with just the canvas and the lamps, because with the software and the filling in of your digital background, something truly magical will appear on the screen. Think of:

  • The Powerpoint presentation behind you as if you were presenting the weather as a weatherman.
  • Make yourself big, small or invisible when you have to, so that you can properly strengthen the focus of your story.
  • Create a digital studio so you can create a dynamic setting.
  • Put on a sombrero and present from the beach, you name it.

Your webinar probably shouldn’t be too spectacular, but the possibilities are endless. Are you an entrepreneur or company that regularly has to give product demonstrations? Then you can choose to increase the number of cameras and simply connect them with the appropriate equipment. You do not need a technical team and you can operate everything yourself with a simple button box.

Do you want to know what is possible for you, what it costs or do you simply want to brainstorm about this? Please contact me (you can start with this from 1500 euros including equipment and development of the workflow)

What does something like that look like? Take this webinar by André Hagelen, for example (it is Dutch)